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29th-Aug-2012 07:17 pm - kids at work

I was talking to a coworker about me wanting to go back to my old shift, when one of the kids in the room pulled on my arm and said "Excuse me, teacher, did you just say 'shit'?"

and I said "Oh gosh- no shift."

"No, I'm asking if you said shit."

"No honey, I said shift..shhiffftt."



"Do you ever feel like a toilet bowel, like a fat man sat on you and flushed your soul?"

11th-Jun-2012 08:02 am - Dirty Dude

Because there’s no steady hot guy in this town, I found myself crushing on this dirty dude.

I think there is something wrong with me.

He’s not like, ugly – he’s just a bit…dirty. Like, he dresses icky and he has dirt under his nails- and he could really use some sort of facial scrub or something. And he looks pretty worn out and like he’s constantly on something ( he looks a little like Rhys Ifans in Notting Hill…). Anyway, I noticed the first time I saw him (last year..I think) I was like oddly attracted to him. And then I walked away and thought “Wow, he’s like, oddly attractive.” And then I came to my senses and was like

But I recently saw him again and I got all attracted to him and so I stalked him (thank you internet!) and pretty much found out everything about him – even where he lives…sometimes I scare myself.

Anyway, so I’m like-oh cool, he’s into the same stuff as me- and listed one of my favorite songs as his favorite! and then I see a profile picture of him and I’m like

But then I think of the benefits of getting involved with him- he could introduce us to more people in town, parties, he has siblings (one is a lesbian- so I could hook her up to with roomie- if she’s cute) , he has a steady job and is super friendly and talkative- and he would probably be appreciative- cause, judging by his long dirty fingernails, he probably doesn’t get many girls.

Just sayin

I probably won’t even talk to him- this is just a fanciful thought.

Although, maybe I will- maybe I’ll be like “So, we don’t know many people and are looking for cool people to hang with- and you seem cool.”

I dunno. We’ll see.

10th-Jun-2012 05:30 pm - Watching the sunset
Work is good, life is good- everything is good.
I'm very happy
Although I'm a little mixed about my grad that's coming up- I'm happy to get it done and over with- and wear my pretty new dress. But i'm not happy about having to share the stage with a bunch of cunts, or that my close friends can't make it, or that it's so damn early in the morning...and I'm scared I'll make an ass of myself or the weather will be shitty and my hair will frizz up.

We're slowly getting more furniture- Here's a table that my grandpa made.

We don't have proper chairs..so its a bit ghetto..
I wish I had more of my grandpa's furniture :(

Last night we ran into some friends, from back in the day, and we saw a free concert put on by this old hippy and we had an awesome dinner and late night coffee and then went to the park to watch the sunset- it was pretty amazing
21st-May-2012 02:39 pm - Our new home

We (Casandra, Nichole and I) moved into our new apartment.

Sadly we are not allowed pets- but other than that things seem to be going really well.

My coworkers are all very nice and because they're much older than me they've started giving me sagely advice about saving money. Tomorrow I will be working with the infants, - even though I'm mainly with the 3-5s they want me to know all the ins and outs of the center in case I need to cover for someone. My boss really appreciates me- which is really wonderful, because at school I felt like all my efforts were taken for granted.

The walk to my work is lovely- everyone in the neighborhood has lilac trees- so it smells heavenly.

We also have a hike path and we went for a jog- which showed me how out of shape I am. 

We seen many of our neighbors, we're out on our balcony all the time - but we never see anyone. I saw a cute guy today- and I held the door open for him and he flashed me this big smile

Yesterday, Nichole found two tables behind the trash bin so we brought them inside

The glass one is now on our balcony and the brown one is for the microwave. YAY for free stuff!! This nice man helped us (he had an Australian accent and he had an adorable little boy) and was very nice to us.

The only other person we've met is the landlady's daughter who lives directly below us. And here's the funny thing,

Our landlady was very adamant about us smoking (which none of us do) because her daughter has two children and she doesn't "want that sort of riff raff living in this building." And she was very strict about us keeping our balcony/place tidy.

Well, here's her daughter's balcony

Can you see all the packs of cigarettes and the ones thrown on the ground?! It's fucking disgusting- like, use a tin!!

So, yeah that's about it :)

16th-May-2012 09:15 am - Today!!

I'm moving today!!

Although, it sucks bigtime that there are no movers in the area (at least ones that don't cost $700-800) so the only bit of furniture I can bring is my mattress.

My table and desk will have to wait, as will all my posters and books and 90% of my clothes.....boo :(
14th-May-2012 02:56 pm - everything is coming together
Tomorrow I have lots of things to do: I got a bank appointment, set up my internet/cable, get some work clothes (as I don't have anything that's both hot weather and kid friendly...) and then get the key to my apartment.
I'm starting work on Friday :D It's going to be from 8-5
I'm so excited.. but very nervous!
12th-May-2012 01:15 pm - The move- so far
Casandra, Nichole and I have been counting down the days until we can move into our apartment- and I took it upon myself to call the landlady/building manager/whatever to see if we could, possibly, move some of our things in this weekend - before we take possession on the 15th. Well, they're still not done- they haven't painted the bedrooms, or the balcony and - get this- they'll be shampooing the carpets on the MORNING of the 15th! The day we're suppose to move in! Oh, and she thought the 15th was on a thursday- not the tuesday.
REALLY?! It's your job to be organized!!
They've been pissing around for three weeks.

When I went to city hall to get the utilities set up and such, I asked if they could start on the 16th, rather than the 15th- because we decided that we probably don't want to start living in the place with the carpets still wet. Plus, I don't want to have to pay for the power that they're going to use to clean the carpets. They were very nice at city hall and told me that the morning of the 16th they're going to check the meter and start then. AWESOME!
Its just such a piss off when other people are disorganized.
24th-Apr-2012 09:27 pm - Scary but in a good way
On the first day that I went job hunting I went to about ten places, and there was one place I had my heart set on- because I've heard great things about it, and they pay the highest lol - but I wasn't expecting to hear from them, since they're rather posh and I'm straight out of school and they usually take people with years of experience.
But when I got home I had a message from the owner asking to see me for an interview! OMG!
I was so nervous that I didn't sleep at all! And the interview was pretty intense- it was a lot of scenarios and asking me to explain my philosophies.
After the interview, the owner just smiled and said "I'll give you a schedule- by the way, you got the job." Yep! I was hired right there- right on the spot!!
I'm still stunned.

After the interview I met up with Casandra and Nichole and we looked at two apartments- and we settled on the second one. Its so nice! And it's about a 10 min walk from my work, and a 4 min drive from Nichole's. It's right on the creek and has a lovely bike path in one direction and a hiking trail in another. Also- there is SO much closet space! There is at least one closet in every room.
We're just waiting for the previous owner to move out and then for them to repaint and clean the carpets.
So, it should be ready in about two weeks.

It's kinda scary because Casandra and I have been planning to live together since high school, and everything that I've been working towards is finally happening- but its all scary in a good way.

Pinch me- I must be dreaming.
9th-Apr-2012 10:17 pm - Sitting in the back of a police car
The constable came over today and asked for my statement- in the back of his car lol I felt like I had done something awful
I'm taking Julian to the clinic tomorrow- since the incident his stomach has been really sore. It might be from stress- or it could be a pulled stomach muscle and the police said that it would be a good idea to have him get checked out and also get a note from the doctor so in case we take it to court.
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